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Discover the Story Behind
My Natural Butter

Hey there, I'm Temprance – skincare alchemist, proud mom, and unexpected entrepreneur.


My journey began when my family faced the daily struggle against severe skin irritation, feeling helpless as my little ones scratched their dry, inflamed skin until it bled. Determined to find a solution, I knew it was time to roll up my sleeves and get creative.


With my background in organic chemistry and a wealth of experience from my mom's hair care business, I started concocting natural remedies using ingredients plucked straight from my organic garden. Seeing my children's smiles as their skin transformed from sore to soothed was all the inspiration I needed to keep crafting these magical concoctions.


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine becoming a business owner, but here I am – fueled by a mother's love and a passion for creating gentle, effective skincare solutions. My NaturalButter is the result of that journey and is a haven for families worldwide, offering an array of gentle, effective solutions for their hair, skin, and self-care needs.


At My NaturalButter, we believe in providing holistic and natural hair, skin, and self-care products that instill confidence, promote self-love, and celebrate the joy of embracing one's natural beauty without harsh chemicals. Together, let's nurture our skin, ourselves, and our planet.

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Meet the Founder & CEO


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